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Signify - Philips Lighting

WiZ Smart Strip 4m - Kit RGBW

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Cut, shape, and reshape our Indoor Ambience LED Strip as you need it. Its colored, dynamic light modes beautify the space under your cabinets or behind furniture, and its ambient light creates the perfect mood when all you want is chill.  The kit comes with a Type-C usb power supply.


  • Full color
  • Low Voltage
  • IP20/Pu-coating

Customer Reviews

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Smart lighting functionalities easy to set up

Enjoy the benefits of smart features instantly, just by connecting your WiZ light to your Wi-Fi network. Control lights easily when you're away from home and scheduling lights to go on and off automatically. No need to install additional hardware such as hub or gateway!

Set up lights to follow your own schedule

Automate your smart lights to follow your daily or weekly routines. Schedule your lights to turn on in the morning or before you arrive home, and to keep them off to save energy, when they are not necessary.

Create your perfect light scene

Make your own mix of different colour and white lights modes to create the perfect light ambience for your daily moment. Simply save your new Scene and select it anytime with the WiZ app or voice.

Millions of colours and changing light modes to make your day

Choose any light colour you like or simply apply a dynamic light mode that we've designed for you. Fireplace or Ocean, for example, will help you create an amazing atmosphere and lift your mood.

Set the right ambience with tunable warm to cool white light

Choose from a wide range of energising cool white to soft warm white light, or simply select from the preset modes such as Focus and Relax to create the best ambience for your activities.

Control smart lighting the way you like it

Use the preset well-being features in the WiZ app to and enjoy the lighting pattern best suited for your circadian rhythm throughout the day. WiZ will provide you bright daylight when you need to get energised and focus, and transition smoothly to soft warm white to help you relax and sleep better.

Control your smart lights from anywhere

No need to worry if lights were left on while no one’s at home. Simply turn them off from wherever you are, with your smartphone.

Flexible light strip that’s easy to install

Simply stick the strip to any surface – window displays, tray ceilings, under cabinets and even along curvy edges. Add lovely colour accents to your furniture.



Dimmable - Wireless Dim

Intended use - Indoor

Technology- Smart Wi-Fi

IP code - IP20

Class of protection - Class II


Average life (at 2.7 hrs/day) - 15 year(s)

Lumen maintenance factor - 70%

Nominal lifetime - 15,000 hour(s)

Number of switch cycles - 50,000


Color consistency - 6 SDCM

Color rendering index (CRI) - 80

Color temperature - 2200-6500 (RGB) K

Light Color Category - Full color

Nominal luminous flux - 840 lumen


Lamp current - 100 mA

Efficacy - 90 lm/W


Voltage - 220-240 V

Wattage - 13 W


Output power - 24VDC, 12W Max.


Adjustable spot head - No

Dimmable with remote control - No

LED integrated - Yes

On/off switch on wire - Yes

Power adapter included - Yes

Remote control included - No