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WiZ Motion Sensor

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The WiZ wireless indoor motion sensor makes automating your lights as easy as walking past – and turns them off when you're out. Place the sensor, which includes a battery, in an entrance or hallway and set it to turn the lights on or off to your desired settings at certain times.


  • Battery operated.
  • IP20/Plastic/White
  • Works with all WiZ Connected devices.

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Easy wireless installation

Battery-powered, no wire necessary. Make it a quick and easy install with screws on the ceiling/wall, or simply leave it on a desk.

Flexible motion settings for your convenience

Set your lights to turn on a preferred brightness or specific mode, such as nightlight or daylight. You can configure an action for your lights, with a specified delay and when no motion is detected.

Set the right light for the right time

Set sensors to activate your favourites light modes at different times during the day, by setting specific Rhythms for a room in the WiZ app.

Trigger lights with motion

Set your lights to turn on/off or change brightness and colour whenever they detect any motion. This sensor connects directly to your WiZ lights and works even when the Wi-Fi is down.

Wide connection range of 15m/50ft

This motion sensor connects with WiZ lights placed within a range of up to 15 metres or 50 feet in a normal indoor environment with partitions and walls.

Activate one or multiple lights with motion

This sensor links to a single room and triggers all the lights in that room. Move the sensor’s linked room in the app to trigger lights in another room instead.

3m detection range with 120˚ angle

This sensor detects motion up to 3 meters/9.8 feet away, within a 120-degree wide angle.



Colour - White

Material - plastic

Battery type - LR6 (AA)

IP code - IP20

Class of protection - Class III


Net weight - 0.103 kg

Height - 5 cm

Length - 6.2 cm

Width - 6.2 cm