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Bikkel LED Dimmer 100W (LED)

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The Bikkel is a compact, universal build-in dimmer for LED lamps or drivers up to 115VA/100W.

  • Compact design
  • Thoroughly tested on most reputable LED brands
  • Minimum load of just 1W (one lamp)
  • Dim perfectly with push button OR traditional lever switch
  • No neutral wire needed
  • Suitable for LED retrofit lamps
  • Suitable for LED with external drivers
  • Self diagnostics for anti-flicker at low level dimming
  • Soft start to prevent eye strain
  • Built in overload, short circuit and overheating protection
  • Security function

Teach your old switch new tricks

The Bikkel is easily installed behind the existing light switch.  This way you can transform your traditional light switch into a smart LED-dimmer with ease.  It is possible to install the Bikkel in series to the light, but also separately to the potential free switch.


Away from home security function

The Bikkel dimmer can easily be set to randomly switch lights on and off when you are away, giving potential intruders the impression somebody is home.

Automatic flicker free tuning

Tuning the Bikkel is easy.  With just a few clicks of the switch, it does all the work for you.  The self diagnostic auto-tuning in the software, automatically adapts the minimum dimming profile to its lowest flicker free zone.



Dimming Technology: Trailing Edge

Power (VA): 1 - 115

Voltage 220 - 240V

Load type: Capacitive load

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 30mm x 26mm x 13mm

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Multiple pushbutton wiring


Customer Reviews

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gabriel meyer
Two way switching

The dimmer seems to work well for single switching but we could not get it to work for two-way-switching notwithstanding the installation instructions which appear to contemplate two-way-switching.

Hi Gabriel,

I am sorry that you are having difficulties with your two way switching. The dimmers are capable of being wired for 2 way switching. The wiring can be a bit tricky. Can I get the engineer to call you and talk you through the installation?

May I just ask if you are a qualified electrician or if a electrician installed the dimmer? For liability and legality reasons, we may only instruct an electrician to install the dimmer.

I hope we can help and get you sorted.